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After a Long Wait, WhatsApp is Finally Getting Two Important and Demanded Features

WhatsApp recently reached an impressive milestone: 2 billion users of the instant messaging app. Adding the fact that developers of the app are constantly improving it with new features, the full picture is obvious: WhatsApp will be dominating for a long time the world of video calling and instant messaging software.

After dark mode, self-destructive messages, the ongoing work for a version for iPads, and more, WhatsApp is expecting another two important features to arrive and that will make it an even more useful app.

Advanced search is coming

The latest beta version of the world’s most popular instant messaging app reveals to us two crucial features, and one of them is the advanced search option. If you’re one of those many users who are frequently searching for age-old discussions, your process will be significantly improved. With advanced search, you’ll be able to search not only by words, but also by videos, songs shared, photos, and more.

The advanced search feature is already available in WhatsApp beta for iOS, and it’s expected to arrive pretty soon for Android as well. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a release date.

Secure your messages with a password

The other crucial upcoming feature for WhatsApp is the option to safely secure your important conversations within the app by simply adding password protection. Future versions of the Facebook-owned app will provide you the option of encrypting backups and also protecting them by using a password.

While we all know that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, the password you’ll be using for protecting your conversations and backups won’t be synchronized with either Facebook nor the WhatsApp app itself. While it may sound like an excellent idea, it also means that you can’t afford to forget that password if you ever want to access your data again.

WhatsApp is truly shining when it comes to providing its users what’s best for them, and it’s interesting to see how things will unfold in the near future. The above-mentioned features are expected to arrive in the near future, and WABetaInfo was the one that told the world about them.



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