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Activate Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome – Simple Tips

How to activate Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome is our present concern due to Google’s last decisions in removing the software in 2020. Adobe Flash Player allows you to play games, videos, and audio while you are enjoying your time on a browser. Recently, Adobe developers decided to no longer support Flash since 2020. Another company as well, Microsoft, decided to do the same thing by the end of the next year. On the other hand, browsers went in the same direction. Many of them, which are well-known, will remove the Flash Player altogether.

Being the firs of the browser to do so, Google Chrome decided to shut down Flash content by disabling by default for the newest versions of Chrome. A message is now appearing each time we access the browser, indicating that ‘Flash was blocked on this page.’ Moreover, you can’t reactivate it at all for all websites. For all of us who still want to enjoy a Flash experience, a Settings twitch is available to turn on the Adobe Flash Player for only a few websites.

Consider the following steps if Chrome blocks Flash Player:

Access Start Menu and search for the Chrome browser, then enter it. Go to the Address Bar and write ‘chrome://settings/content’ and press Enter. A Content Settings page will be displayed, and you must look down on the page and choose Flash settings. While on the Flash page turn on the Ask first (recommended) option. After this setting, you will be able to use Flash on websites.

Next, you’ll have to open the website which works with Flash Player and click on the lock icon from the extreme left side of the address bar. Choose Site Settings and set change the default value of Flash to Allow. You’ll be finally able to enjoy your browsing to the specific page and reload it to set the changes permanently.



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