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A New System Update For PlayStation 4 Brings Significant Improvements

While a lot of gamers are waiting for the release of PlayStation 5, we shouldn’t leave aside PlayStation 4 so easy. The latest console created by Sony is expected to receive the new 7.00 system update this week, which will improve pretty much the gaming experience of its users.

The update includes new functionality to key system features, and it will be available in the home country of the console, Japan, as well as in all the other states from the planet.

Party with “Party” feature

For those who like to play with their friends, co-workers, or even foes, the Party feature is more entertaining now and it includes the following:

  • Network connectivity improved
  • Audio quality improved
  • Maximum number of users doubled
  • Accessibility support with Chat Transcription has been added for users from the United States

Connectivity issues previously experienced by users when they tried to play with each other will now be vanquished. The Party App will also offer a new Chat Transcription feature for US users, which can be accessed via the PS4 Second Screen App on your smartphone. It will convert voice chat to text, which is very cool if you want to write something to be read aloud to your co-players.

Remote Play

This is another exciting feature brought to PS4 by the new 7.00 software update. With the Remote Play function, you can stream your games to smartphones and tablets that are running at least Android 5.0.

You can even use DualSchock 4 wireless controllers via Bluetooth for Remote Play on Android,  iPhone, iPad and Mac. To use the feature, you’ll just have to update your operating system to Android 10, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or macOS Catalina.

What else would you like to see new for PlayStation 4? Unfortunately, we have to wait pretty much until the release of its successor, PlayStation 5 – which will hit the market in 2020 if not even in 2021. PlayStation 4 is far from being a dead console and that can only make us happy.




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