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A New Red Dead Redemption 2 Update Brings a Wealth of Content

Red Dead Redemption 2 will receive a major patch in a few days as Rockstar has been hard at work on the title. Read below to learn more about the content featured in the game.

Legendary Bounty: Cecil C. Tucker

A new legendary bounty is available for players, who are tasked to track down and capture Cecil. C Tucker, a murderer who kills defenseless people while they sleep and sets their houses on fire. He has escaped without problems until now, but players who wish to end his activities will find him with the Lemoyne Raiders at Fort Brennand. The battle will be challenging, but the bounty reward is worth the effort.

Madam Nazar

Madam Nazar is a friendly NPC that asks players to recover a set of collectibles each week. In exchange for your valuable time she will reward you with cash, an excellent prize. Some of the items will spawn randomly upon looting corpses or raiding stashes, but other items tend to appear in specific locations. If you manage to collect the Saint-Denis Wk. III set this weak, Madam Nazar will pay $85.

Profession bonuses

During the current week, Licensed Bounty Hunters will receive X5 tracking arrows, Traders will get 5x Potent Predator and 5x Potent Herbivore Baits, and Collectors will enjoy three collectible coins. Players who complete a 3-day Role Daily challenge streak will receive an exclusive tint for the Folwell Hat.

Players who opt to link their Rockstar Social Club account with Twitch Prime will receive a Bounty Hunter license for free and additional discounts for several items.

Rockstar has also announced a series of content updates for Red Dead Online, with the first one arriving on October 22.

In other news, PC gamers will have the chance to experience the critically-acclaimed experience of Red Dead Redemption 2 as the title will be released via the Rockstar Launcher on November 5.

Here we’ve talked about RDD2 PC installation.



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