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A Developer Supports the Idea that PS5 Won’t Be Revolutionary

The next-generation of PlayStation console created quite a buzz among players and fans, with Sony unveiling often some brief details about what’s coming next. We still don’t know, however, many things about the upcoming PS5, and this is truly disappointing. It had also been highly speculated that the console would be like no other.

Recently, though, one developer kind of dismissed many of the rumors or theories about PS5’s performance and features. According to his beliefs, the console won’t come as a revolutionary device at all. It will come as a transformed gaming console, meaning that it will get improvements, but not so significantly. Developer Danny Weinbaum, the director of Eastshade, expressed his thoughts towards the new release by explaining the real deal. He said, “It will allow more draw calls, I suppose, for example, more objects on screen. It will be an evolution, not a revolution.” Also, he highlighted the idea that “…it won’t affect performance much. Mostly it will reduce load times.”

We still have to wait, however, to see how different will be the next-gen console, PS5, and how enhanced its features were set to be.

PS5 Details, Features So Far

PlayStation 5 could get a 2020 release date, with a high possibility of being launched on holidays. Other details, however, are still unknown. PS5 will introduce an 8-core AMD chipset, an SSD storage usage, and a Radeon Navi GPU, 3D audio. The CPU and GPU were announced to get a compelling feature, something called ray tracing. Such a feature will deliver an advanced lighting method that can contribute to next-level immersion at games’ graphics.

Until new official announcements for Sony, ideas such as Weinbaum’s, of how things could be for the next-gen console, might influence the opinion of many users, positively, yet negatively, too.



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