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8 Best Episodes of Modern Love Podcast

The “Modern Love” podcast, inspired by the revered New York Times column, navigates the labyrinth of love in its myriad forms — from passionate romance to profound familial bonds. Each episode peels back the layers of human connection, exploring the intricate dynamics of relationships and the resilience of the human spirit.

Its narratives are as diverse as they are universal, penned from all corners of the globe. This compilation of eight handpicked episodes encapsulates the essence of modern love, illuminating its complexities and its transformative power. These are tales that will make you ponder, empathize, and perhaps even find echoes of your own story.

Excited? Well, let’s get started.

The 8 Best Episodes of Modern Love Podcast Up Until 2023

1. What I Got Wrong About My Parents’ Marriage

“What I Got Wrong About My Parents’ Marriage” delves into Natasha Singh’s transformative journey from youthful rebelliousness to mature understanding. Singh learns to appreciate the strength of her parents’ marital bond, challenging her own preconceptions along the way. Struggling with conflicts with your parents? This episode may help you see things from a different perspective.

2. I Promised God It Was the Last Time

“I Promised God It Was the Last Time” reveals Sara Glass’s brave journey from a life cloaked in religious conformity to embracing her true self. A poignant tale of liberation from societal bonds and the courage to live one’s truth.

3. To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This | Encore

The “To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This | Encore,” discusses a unique experiment: a set of 36 questions designed to fast-track intimacy and connection. It’s a whimsical yet profound exploration of the pathways to love.

4. Nursing A Wound With Jake Gyllenhaal | Encore

“Nursing A Wound With Jake Gyllenhaal | Encore” is a story of resilience and recovery, narrated by the “Southpaw” actor, Jake Gyllenhaal himself. As he navigates heartbreak in a pediatric wing, listeners learn about healing, acceptance, and the curative potential of unexpected environments.

5. Agreeing To Accept And Move On | With Sarah Goldberg

In “Agreeing To Accept And Move On | With Sarah Goldberg” we dive into the emotional minefield of seeking love under pressure. Goldberg’s narration of Elizabeth Koster’s essay animates its vulnerability and strength. Koster offers a comforting companion for anyone navigating the murky waters of romance.

6. The Secret To Marriage | With Sandra Oh

“The Secret To Marriage | With Sandra Oh” dismantles the cliches surrounding matrimonial bliss. Voiced by the charismatic Sandra Oh, the episode offers a fresh perspective on matrimonial bliss. She goes beyond the chores and surface interactions to dig deeper into what truly makes a coupling work.

7. The Language Of Love | With Saoirse Ronan

“The Language Of Love | With Saoirse Ronan” navigates the complexities of communication barriers in relationships. Saoirse Ronan’s eloquent narration brings to life the struggles and triumphs of a relationship wrestling with the intricacies of language and love.

8. Modern Love: The Podcast Valentine’s Special

“Modern Love: The Podcast Valentine’s Special” is an all-star audio feast. Between Tony Hale’s wit, Gillian Jacobs’ insight, and Colin Farrell’s candid charm, this special episode is the perfect accompaniment to any Valentine’s Day celebration. Regardless of whether you’re flying solo or cozied up next to a partner.

So there you have it, the language of love is spoken here, and fluency is just a podcast away. Sit back, press play, and let love’s lessons unfold.



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