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5 Unexpected Plot Twists That Could Happen when Dragon Ball Super Returns

It’s only a matter of time until the Dragon Ball Super anime will return to the screens. The legacy continues with the manga version, but Dragon Ball fans are eager to see the anime coming back. The show ended on March 2018, and it left room for many possible ways of continuing the series.

Fans didn’t hesitate to compete with each other in speculating how the anime will continue. Vegeta may finally surpass Goku, Frieza could once again fight for the right cause, other former villains could come back from the dead, and so on. But now it’s time to launch even more wild possible scenarios, based on our intuition and on how the Dragon Ball series had developed over the years.

5. Vegeta defeats a major villain

Vegeta had his moments in Dragon Ball Super when he shined (like when he eliminated Toppo), but he still didn’t defeat a major villain like Zamasu or Beerus. The Saiyan Prince had tremendous contributions for the defeat of major villains back in Dragon Ball Z like Cell or Majin Buu, but it looks like he still has to pay for the sins of the past. Vegeta himself was a ruthless villain once, and Akira Toriyama doesn’t seem to forgive him so easily.

However, the manga version of Dragon Ball Super shows Vegeta being very close to defeat Moro, perhaps the strongest villain in Dragon Ball. Furthermore, Vegeta learned some amazing techniques, including Goku’s Instant Transmission and Spirit Separation. These are huge hints that the writers are preparing a glorious moment for Vegeta when Super returns, and our bet is on a supervillain defeated by the Prince of all Saiyans.

4. Hit joins Goku to fight for the right cause (again)

Goku had a very special relationship with Hit ever since the two fighters first met. They had to fight in a tournament against each other so that one of their universes will survive. Then, Goku deliberately wanted to be killed by Hit, who is a professional assassin. Yes, you’ve guessed it: Goku only wanted to test his powers. Hit failed to get the job done, and the two warriors met again at the Tournament Of Power. Even though they were fighting for different universes, they joined forces to defeat other warriors. There’s no doubt that Hit is an evil character, but he still accepted to fight for the survival of his own Universe and to help Goku.

Dragon Ball Super has the wonderful merit of showing that good and evil can join forces sometimes. Goku even made the perfect team with Frieza, as they together managed to eliminate the mighty Jiren from the Tournament Of Power. Furthermore, Frieza helped Goku several times in the tournament while the great Saiyan was totally out of fuel and almost out of the arena (which by the rules means elimination). So Dragon Ball Super has to continue such amazing aspect of the good forces joining the evil ones, and we believe that Goku and Hit are making a great couple.

3. Making Gohan great again

Gohan was practically invisible in Super until the Tournament Of Power began. The first son of Goku managed to ‘regain his fighting spirit’ after just a little training with his beloved trainer Piccolo. Gohan had plenty of spotlight in the tournament. For the highlights, we can remind of the elimination of a Namekian from Universe 6, a very powerful character named Anilaza, and Dyspo. But still, Gohan was far less important than he was back in Dragon Ball Z, when he defeated Cell with his last efforts. Gohan saved the whole planet when he was just a boy, and such glorious moments have to come back somehow.

2. Goku will never use Ultra Instinct again

The Ultra Instinct transformation is insanely powerful even for the gods to handle. Goku managed to obtain it after he somehow absorbed the power from his Spirit Bomb. Nobody can compete with Goku at this level, and we can expect that he will lose this power for good. However, the transformation burns out stamina extremely fast, and Goku couldn’t use it to get the job done against Jiren in the Tournament Of Power. It’s obvious that Goku can’t master the technique at the moment, and there’s no guarantee that he ever will. Our guess is that the mighty Saiyan won’t use the transformation again when Super returns.

1. Everybody gets a significant power decrease

Remember that the story from Dragon Ball Super is positioned right after the Buu arc from Dragon Ball Z? This means that Super is actually included in DBZ, because the story of Z continued with several episodes after the defeat of Buu. And during those last episodes, there was no trace of Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct, Beerus, Whis, or Golden Frieza. This obviously means that Super has to somehow link its storyline to the end of Dragon Ball Z, when Goku met Uub.

And yes, you’ve guessed it: our expectation is that all the fighters will have a significant power decrease. This means no more godly powers for Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, or Gohan. The old and iconic Super Saiyan transformation where the fighters have gold hair will once again be the standard one. It seems to be the only way of linking Dragon Ball Super to the ending of Dragon Ball Z.

When Dragon Ball Super ended back in March 2018, the narrator said it loud and clear that the adventures will continue. We’ll gladly be here at that glorious moment.




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