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5 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Clash Royale Experience

Clash Royale is a well-known video game developed and published by Supercell. The acclaimed game mixed some features from collectible card games, tower defense, all packed in a multiplayer online battle arena. Being released in 2016, it succeeded in reaching many fans worldwide. The acclaimed game might look like an easy game, but there are a few things as tips and tricks which would help you get a better experience. Follow the next 5 steps and enjoy your time playing Clash Royale:

  1. Be careful with the elixir. The potion is one important element in the game. Try to focus on it by not leaking it. The elixir is essential because is generated at the same level for you and your opponent. If you wait a period for the elixir to reach the full level while the opponent is playing, you will lose the elixir, and the other player will be in advantage. Try to destroy the towers and make units because it will give more elixir, and you will win for sure.
  2. Limitate the activation of the king. For destroying a king you will need 20 Fireballs. You must wait for that because there is no rush. Be careful with your spells and aim carefully. Try to wait for your opponent to act first, and then you can activate your spells.
  3. Be more careful with the dropping of units at the bridge. You must wait for a full level of the elixir, play units in the back, and get ready for an attack. Sometimes it’s better to play safe and prepare some smart moves.
  4. Protect on your side of the arena. Towers are the most important tools for defending. And if you decide to activate your king is even better.
  5. Try to not overcommit on defense and lose to your troops. Focus on spells because they are your most useful helpers. First, try to protect with minimum of units you can. At the moment, you will protect, assure that you lose your troops a little bit, so they can’t be destroyed by a single spell.


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