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​Mario Kart Tour​ Release Date Revealed

Fans of Mario Kart Tour were expecting the game back in March 2018, but the developer, Nintendo, has announced that the title will suffer a delay. The reason for the delay was the fact that Nintendo wanted to give the game a bit more refinement.

Now, the gaming giant is finally prepared to launch the highly expected Mario Kart Tour and has released a statement of an official launch date for its mobile-friendly racing title. The release date is somehow close, but not close enough for some fans: September the 25th. The Mario Kart Tour website has apparently even allowed access to pre-registrations for both Android and iOS gamers, so they can receive a notification as soon as the title is available.

Even though the game developer used to release images for fans to peek into what its games are like, way before they were released, this time, Nintendo is keeping the doors closed on Mario Kart Tour​.

What would Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour bring?

The announcement Nintendo has made was not a big surprise, considering that fans already know how direct the gaming studio style is when it comes to unveiling peaks of its titles before the official launch. Nintendo explained the reason for the delay in its Q3 financial report: “In order to improve [the] quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch.” ​

There was almost nothing we knew about Mario Kart Tour before its developer allowed fans to test it in a closed beta. Mario Kart Tour Android and iOS websites now present a detailed feature list, such as racecourses prompted by unique and classical real-world cities that change every two weeks.

The game can be started for free, which means that players will have to consider the option to spend money on microtransactions to clear features and probably even characters. Nintendo has promised Mario Kart Tour fans to unveil more information about the game before it officially launches it.



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